What to Expect

There is no guarantee of a hire with NLH; you are paying for the service, not the hire. At the end of a campaign, you have the option to renew at a discounted rate of $3K per month and many clients choose to do so in order to continue to build on the momentum started. At the end of your campaign, you walk away with all of the tracking, stats, reports and activity to feel confident that every incoming stone was unturned. Many clients find that the feedback helps them understand how to improve the outbound message, the interviewing process, the speed, the value proposition, the comp plan, the career path – or it might mean that their market is really difficult and they need an entirely different recruiting strategy to grow. Our ultimate goal is to work with clients on an ongoing basis, and the reason we have been able to do that successfully throughout the many years we’ve run the program is that we deliver both excellent service and results.

Fantastic!  You are paying for the service, not the hire, so you can hire as many people as you feel confident to hire.  There is no additional fee for multiple hires.

Be open to dialogue on changing some of the approaches and potential candidates. While you are an expert in your niche, we are experts in ours! Let us help you, and trust us to deliver and course correct as we go if needed. Another factor that truly impacts results, is giving us access to schedule calls on your calendar to eliminate prolonging the hiring process. With many candidates we surface, time is not on our side and we need to move quickly, particularly in the initial stages of the interviewing process. We are in this together and are both rowing toward the same goal!

Check out some of testimonials from other owners who had the same question! The amount of time, energy and resources you will save is undeniable, and will give you the opportunity to spend time on the activities that are worth the time and energy you are spending. We have also heard from many clients that candidates are much more prepared for what it will take to succeed when the message was reinforced by multiple people in the interviewing process.

After we have our Search Assignment kick-off call, we will be off to the races! We will get your position(s) posted and start combing through the results. We will have weekly check-in calls to go over a detailed spreadsheet of all candidates in process, number of applicants from each portal, details of phone screens and candidates ruled in and out, and an update on candidates in process. We will also use that time to discuss improvements, changes and adjustments we can make to ensure the best possible outcome for introducing you to great talent. Even though we have a weekly set call, we are also available as needed to answer questions and share any real-time changes and adjustments we are making to use every day as efficiently as possible. Just as you would expect from your clients, effective communication with a timely response on candidates we are presented is expected on your part so we can make sure we are exceeding expectations.

Absolutely! If you aren’t already a member of Next Level Exchange, we have memberships available for unlimited training for your new-hire along with ongoing education and training to help make the best better. Premium Memberships include unlimited access to our 22 hour, 20 module cohesive Foundation Training Program broken down into 20-minute segments, complete with quizzes and workbooks for associates and owners. This program covers each step of the placement process in easy-to-understand steps, and is any owner’s solution to quickly improving the skills of new or existing recruiters while still maintaining a high level of personal production. Premium Memberships also include unlimited access to the NLE TV channel with 200+ hours of streamed training from big billers and recruiting trainers – a never-ending resource for perpetual development. Learn more and sign up for a two-week free trial here.

For those owners desiring a high-touch option from our professional trainers, we offer Facilitated Foundation Training. With new classes launching every three weeks, this five-week course combines the online content with live webinars and a schedule of daily videos, quizzes, collaborative questions, role playing, and script development. Over 110 firms have relied on our expert trainers this past year, enrolling over 293 students in our Facilitated programs. 91% of those firms are repeat clients. Learn more here.

We have a contingent option, but we do not recommend this approach for those who need to hire. Our team truly does not have time to work on a full search, take the risk of doing all the work, for ultimately a fee of $3,500.  Recruiters work on a contingent basis because the fee charged is 10x more than what we charge. Those who want to hire and will pay the $5k have a true need, they have allocated time and resources to screen and onboard those people, and they are serious. Think about it this way – the difference in cost is only $1,500. Someone who doesn’t want to pay the extra to all but guarantee the hire is ultimately okay with NOT hiring. Those who are serious about hiring end up hiring – and many times it’s more than one person.  Risk?  Yes.  But no more risky than any firm who has paid your firm a retainer.

If you are on the fence and have a current need for hiring, the best 15 minutes you can spend today is to have a conversation with us so we can go over in more detail our experience specifically in your industry, location and market and the success rate we’ve seen. Send us an email to set up a time to connect!