“The NLH team is absolutely awesome!  Professional, assertive, and really took time to understand our business and what we were looking for in candidates. The attention to detail and consistency in follow-up was perfect. I was somewhat apprehensive going into this partnership with NLH, but I can say it was a great decision and I’m thankful for the support they provided us.  I would work with the team again no questions asked!”

Michael Douglas | Chief People Officer, Curative Talent, Red Kite Recruiting

“The Next Level Hiring team proved very beneficial when I was faced with a need to find a new Sales Support Coordinator for my office. I was able to focus on my business while they did the heavy lifting; provided many candidates in a timely manner, all of whom were well screened with personality profiles. My position was filled in under a month. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Deanna O’Connell | President and Founder, Red Kite Recruiting

“NLE was able to get us multiple candidates in order for us to quickly fill our recruiting positions. They candidates they sent over matched our parameters exactly. The candidates were very responsive and excited about our positions already. We hired multiple great people within a short period of time with minimal screening and time for our team. Would definitely use again!”

Lindsay Joseph | Chief Talent Officer, StaffRehab

“The NLH team was great to work with and we received quality candidates right away. They listened to what I was looking for in a candidate, made adjustments when necessary, and had a good understanding of what I was looking for and delivered. I think the fact that they did recruiting for agencies in the past really helped them understand what qualities a good recruiter has. I would have no hesitation in recommending their service and I will use them again in the future.”

Gary Cook | President, Pacific Companies

“Simply put, NLH was terrific. Great value and service!”

John Meyer | President, FieldPros

“I will definitely use NLE on my next search! Candidates presented were excellent, communication was excellent – I could go on and on but the bottom line is, I paid for a retained search and the NLH team delivered!”

Brian Wright | CEO, Executive Leadership Solutions

“I engaged NLE to identify, assess, and evaluate candidates to compare them with the candidates presented from a different contingency search firm. The NLE team was professional, thorough, understood exactly what I wanted, and did exactly what I needed.  While we ultimately did not hire a candidate presented to us by NLE, the number of candidates presented to me – and the speed at which they were presented – exceeded my expectations. In fact, one of their candidates was a finalist whose candidacy helped us clarify exactly what we wanted in the role and why we wanted it.”

Chris Corcoran | Cofounder and Managing Partner, memoryBlue

“This search did exactly what I needed it to do….it saved me a bunch of time in screening candidates. Time that I was able to use on higher value priorities.”

Clark Conine | President, Energy Search Associates

“Thanks to the professionalism and level of detail provided by NLH, we were able to actually enjoy the hiring process. The NLH team always went the extra mile in making sure we had all of the information we needed and was always on hand to answer any questions or help adjust the process as needed. The time and research they put into each candidate made it a very streamlined process for us. I loved the amount of detail and variety of screening techniques presented. The weekly check-ins were also very helpful to make sure we were all on the same page.”

Angelica Rains | President, Groupe Insearch

Our company has been in business for 32 years. Being an owner who also works a desk, I often don’t have the time to find, qualify, and interview potential employees. As soon as I started working with the NLH team, I was able to find and qualify potential employees. We talked about what my needs were and the type of background and experience I was looking for. After our initial talk, I didn’t have to worry or spend time on the initial screening and qualifying phase which used to take so much of my time.

The team would screen them first, verify they met what I was looking for, and then would only send the people they would recommend. And every potential employee they recommended was “dead on” what I was looking for.  One of them I would have never considered but I was given why I should at least talk to him and I ended up making the hire. The team would also send the candidates a personality assessment designed to look at strengths and weaknesses as well as what the areas they need to work on which has been accurate and helpful with every employee I have hired who has taken it. Next Level Hiring has definitely been a time saver for me as well as someone that is helping my firm grow in the right direction.

Bob Hadick | Owner/President, Russ Hadick & Associates, Inc.

I have sincere thanks and appreciation for the work the Next Level Hiring team did in the placement of our new Director of Business Development. Next Level Interim Search – Hospital Executives is a new venture for us and finding someone to help drive new business by developing new clients will be essential to our success. The candidate screening she did was spot on and the personality assessments really helped me with the final selection. The reality is that the team’s profiling was so spot on we were able to hire a candidate from the initial slate of candidates you provided.

It’s unusual for an owner of a search firm to ‘go outside’ to a resource to help recruit new talent but I am thrilled that we did. Often times we tend to get a good feel for a candidate to hire for our own firms without the detailed vetting we do on a regular basis for our clients. The Next Level Hiring team has a very tight process and I appreciate all the help, assistance and guidance I was given in the process. We will continue to use this team as we grow and need superior talent knowing they will deliver.

Tim Tolan | Senior Partner, Next Level Interim Search and The Tolan Group

At first, it was somewhat of a bizarre thought to pay a recruiter to recruit our new recruiters but it was the best decision that we made in our hiring process. We estimated that it was costing us well over $30K/ per person to just hire somebody. As a managing partner and an active account manager, it cost my firm a tremendous amount of money when I am not on the phone. In our prior searches, there would be weeks where much of my time was spent interviewing and screening perspective new hires. Additionally, I had an admin person spending hours every day doing pre-screening and managing the new resumes. And to top it off, we weren’t surfacing the type of candidates that we wanted either… we were frustrated.

The Next Level Hiring team did a great job on the front end of understanding the profile of the type of person for which we were looking. Once we outsourced the process to NLH, we were able to focus on what makes us money, and as qualified candidates showed up, we brought them through our interview process. Within a little over 2 weeks we extended and offer and had our first hire… and now, almost a month into it, we are going to be faced with a challenging decision… which one of the remaining candidates will we make our second offer?

We could not be more pleased with Next Level Hiring and their process. We will 100% use NLH and this service again as we hire our next round of recruiters.

Mark Stocker | Managing Partner, SANINC

We’ve been in the executive search business for 27 years. As we continue to grow as a firm, I utilized Next Level Selection as a critical step in support of that growth.  The Next Level Hiring team managed all the postings, screening, and presenting of the most viable candidates to join our team.  The NLH team are ex-recruiters, they understand the business and appreciate what it takes to do it, like it and stick with it.  WHAT A TIME SAVER.

Having a dedicated resource to evaluate more prospects and keep the flow of candidates coming allows me to hire a much higher quantity of quality individuals.  These efforts have significantly improved my odds of success.  It also improves my willingness and speed to be decisive early if someone is not showing the promise that really good recruiters ALWAYS show.”

Tricia Mountain | Managing Partner, Rowland Mountain and Associates

“We recently used the services of NLE to help us hire 2 new recruiters. We have a very seasoned team of recruiters and have always handled all our own hiring. We are recruiters—of course we can handle our own search! Wow, what a difference this process was for us. What we do for our clients, they did for us. They screened the prospective candidates, they sold our company, our culture and our team. They conducted personality profiles. By the time we did our first interviews with the potential recruiters they were extremely interested in our company and were very well vetted. In a 30 day period we were presented with numerous resumes, interviewed quality candidates and ended up with 2 hires.

We were thrilled to find new people for our team and will use NLE again. My partners are all very high billers and for me to take them off their desks to do the first steps in the recruitment process just doesn’t makes sense. This process was extremely efficient and worth the fee we paid.”

Betsy Elliott | Managing Partner, Walker-Elliott

The Next Level Hiring team is fantastic! After meeting them at the NLE Conference I was impressed enough to have them help me recruit for our internal positions. They were incredible. Not only did they find us someone that we are pleased with, but we also placed one of the candidates they sent us with a client of ours in San Francisco. I would recommend highly, highly recommend!!

Angelica Rains | President, Groupe Insearch

“I would highly recommend using Next Level recruitment. They generated strong candidates and made to process seamless.”

Dixon Smith | Managing Principal/Recruiter, O’Connell Group

“The team at Next Level is amazing – they’re detail and solution-oriented and helped streamline our hiring process.  Everything was fantastic!”

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